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Went down to Oak Island to spend a few days with my best friend Johnny last week. I decided to haul the yaks and take him out for a guided tour of Lockwood Folley. Having some experience fishing out of the Varnumtown launch. We started there just before high tide in the afternoon on Monday June 9th. I have a couple of Hobies (outback and AP 12.) This was his first time in a hobie outback. After launching and getting him used to the peddle propulsion and steering, we headed up against the remaining incoming tide. It is good to take some time with the new comers to let them acclimate to the yak and the surroundings, wind, current: versus shooting to a spot and start fishing, even if that spot is right at the launch. Anyway we peddled, I offered suggestions and pointers on maneuvering and fishing. After about 20 mins or so we started casting. I led the way through a flooded side marsh off the channel. Within 15 mins I had my first fish... a small spike..about 12 inches on a white gulp with a chartreuse tail. Well the stink was out of the boat at least... (e.g. no skunk) I signaled to Johnny that he should switch over to the white. I moved up into the creek and cast to another point where a sharp thump got my attention. I set the hook and held on. My drag was set for trout so the husky redfish was hauling off line. A few quick turns slowed his pace down. A couple of minutes later I landed a 22.5 inch redfish. I am always surprised by the fight they give. Now I needed to get Johnny on them. We fished another 45mins or so in the creek with no luck. I decided to move out into the flats. It was a partly cloudy day with winds out of the south. The water temp was around 83 degrees. Water was a little murky. I got Johnny setup drifting with the wind down a grass bank with lots of oyster rocks. Casting to the bank he immediately hooks up with an undersized flounder. (Stink gone...
) He continued fishing down the bank, casting his 1/4 oz white head jig and bouncing it across the bottom. Then BAMM, another fish on....not a flounder this time, a small 20 inch redfish. After a small fight and some post net high fives, he peddled like a pro back up the bank and started his drift back down. A few more passes yielded a nice 18 inch flounder and couple more reds for each of us. Sun was down and we headed back to the launch. Day 2, woke up Tuesday with the idea that we could repeat Monday's fun. Headed out in the afternoon a couple of hours prior to high tide. Took a leisurely peddle down the river towards the sound. On the way, tried a few spots catching a couple of small flounder. Boats coming in were reporting medium sized croaker being caught on squid near the inlet drift fishing. With the day moving into the evening hours, we headed over to where we caught fish the day before. Johnny setup drifting with the wind and casting to the bank. In 5 mins he had his first drum. A 20 inch pup. A few moments later he had another undersized flounder. I move down the bank ahead of where we caught fish the day before and notices a 3 foot wide creek. I managed to squeeze into the mouth and make a few casts. On the third cast my line went tight and my drag started screaming. I stood up to try and manage the fish from getting deeper into the marsh. The fish dragged me about 50 yards into the creek before I was able to turn him. I got him up to the top finally and into the net. A beautiful red that measured 25.5 inches. I peddled back out to my buddy to get some photos and to gloat ...just a little
We high-fived and he turned and made one cast to the mouth of the creek I just came out of and WHAM another big fish on. He was fishing with my lightest trout rod and it was bent almost double. With the outback moving along in "Hot Pursuit!", he slowly reeled the boat to the fish. A few moments later he landed a Beautiful 27+ inch fish. This turned out to be the last and the biggest fish of the day. With the sun setting we turned our boats towards the ramp. All the way talking about the good luck we had had over the course of two days. Another memorable fishing adventure. Johnny is my good luck charm. The first time I took him to Hatteras. we setup on the day we arrived around 4pm about 3/4 mile up from the Frisco access. Within an hour we had hooked up on 6 26-28 inch drum in the surf. I told him this doesn't happen every time...yet there we were again with some great fish caught. It is kind of hard to convince him any different now
Photos here.
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