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Looking for a good ramp at jordan.

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Im looking for a good ramp at jordan. The boat is a 26' walkaround. Is Jordan a good place for this boat? If not what fresh water is?
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Wellcraft Dave is the man you need to talk too. I think he puts in at Ebenezer...
I have seen some very large boats launched at ebenezer church ramp.
I have only ever put in at Ebenezer and White Oak Creek (I think it is called) near the Dam. both are good ramps. There are a lot of others though. Crosswinds, Ferrington, Seaforth and Vista Point are a few others.
Vista point is a good one (not as steep as Ebenezer), and usually never busy
Ebenezer is ok, but can get very busy, especially on the weekend

From US1 there's the ramp at the dam which is nice, but cant tie up, have to pilot over to a floating dock, then tie up.. but is usually not that busy as well.

If on 64, I'd say hit Vista... no rush, easy to launch/recover, ample space to tie up..
Only draw back is it's out in the open, so you do get some boat traffic and when it's windy the docks move around a little more than the ramps in the coves.

Hope that helps! ;)
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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