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Looking for BBQ carryout. Topsail area

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Hi all,

We'll be making another trip to topsail this year and this time I want some BBQ. Those beach rentals always have terrible grills so I'm looking to get carryout. According to my internet search, it looks like Thigs, White oak, and Brothers are good choices. I will likely want chicken and ribs. I know BBQ is a big deal in NC, so any opinions?
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I've never eaten at any of the BBQ joints in that area but have recently heard good things about surf city BBQ
If you are going to get some BBQ in the Catherines Lake area then continue south app mile past Thigs to Oakwood BBQ. Depending upon where you are coming from there is a new place that is turning out great que in Garland called Southern Smoke BBQ. Then again I have also heard some good things about Surf City BBQ
I've heard good things about Surf City BBq as well. I you are staying on Topsail Island this would be a easy run down/up and grab some chow and then back to the surf.
Oh yeah, I forgot about that place. Saw it last time but never made it in. I think there used to be a doughnut place in that location. Thanks for the responses - might have to put together a BBQ road trip while I'm down there!
We have bought some from our local home bbq by the pound. Some will even have it frozen but you can put it in containers and freeze it. It lasts quite well. Warm it up and eat. Prepare your own sauce or just package that as well.
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