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looking for drum Saturday

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Im gonna look around Saturday around oregon inlet and manteo. I haven't heard of any still schooled up in a while. Ill check back if I find any.
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Please let us know how you do. I'm considering the drive down to OI tomorrow/Sunday. I would prefer to stay closer to home up in Kitty Hawk Bay but I'm thinking with all of the recent rain that the fish may be biting closer to the inlet. Cheers and good luck!
found them next to the crack. from the duck blind there east to oregon inlet fishing center. saw a few schools and saw singles roaming around. nothing in the pond.
Is that where those people were wading way out, just outside the fishing center? I fished the south side of the inlet yesterday and only caught blues.
yes thats the place..
Thanks for the info, we fished Sunday and bounced around OIFC, the pond, and Green Island slough... nothing for us. Looks like it did turn for a few people on after we had packed it in before the turn of the tide. Next time!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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