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Looking for fishing parnter

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I'm new to the area, a transplant from Kentucky. I've fished only a few lakes but nothing like what I use to. I'm a largemouth and cat man. Anybody out there live close to Cary and can maybe show me some good spots? I've been to Crabtree, Bond, and Jordan Lakes, but I've only shore fished. I would be interested in being a tag along for anybody that's willing to have me. Let me know and let's get throwing!
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Welcome aboard King Thrower and welcome to NC! :)
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Hey King thrower. Welcome to NC Angler and NC fishing. I fish mainly on the coast but if you are ever down this way let me know and I'll give you an up to date "what's biting report".
welcome to the site
Welcome King Thrower. I'm a transplant from Kentucky myself. From the town of Maysville, Ky. How about you?
I'm from Louisville. Moved here because I got tired of watching that city go down the tubes.
I just visited for a few days. There's definitely not alot going on around Maysville. We used to catch full of huge Crappie out of the Ohio River tributaries, but it's not what it used to be. We fished all day and only caught one 13" Crappie.
Yea I did most of my fishing up in Santa Claus, Indiana in Christmas Lake. The smallest cat I caught was 24 inchs and 6 lbs. monster fish in that lake. Landed quite a few 2 plus lb. largemouths outta some farm ponds up that way too.
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