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I am looking for an inexpensive 2-piece combo that I will only use a few times a year. I usually fish in my boat and have rods for the boat, but I want to find something that I can store under the back seat of my truck and use when fishing without the boat, when on vacation, etc. The bed in my truck is just slightly too short to hold my 7' 1-piece combos that I normally use.

My primary use would be fishing around the Bath/Washington area with a rare trip to the beach thrown in. I'm considering getting one of the D-Shock combos at Neuse in the 7' medium size. What do you think? Should I be looking at something else instead? I don't want to spend much money since this one will just live in the truck and see very sporadic use.

Also, does anyone in Greenville sell the D-shocks? I don't have any imminent plans to go to Kinston so if I can find one here, that would be nice.

Thanks for any input.
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