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Well like Mike say's, would be nice to narrow it down (area specific - leaving out of inlet X is hard to help out with).

Mahi tips I use are, looks for patches of weeds or debri in the water, those are great places to free line squid on a hook. No weight, just the bait on a hook and let it drift.
Basically pull up as close to the weeds as you want (be carefull with large mats of weeds as they can get in the motor's cooling or wrap'd up in the prop), then cast the bait along the edges. Keep the bail open and feed line as you drift. If nothing for 5 or so minutes, throw to another edge of another weed patch and so forth.

I also like to put a rod or two in the rear holders throw out the free lined squid and get it as far from the boat as possible. Then I'll close the bait and put the drag on light and just leave it. If mahi are around, you'll know when one picks it up as it will usually leap into the air before the reel starts goin off.

Another way is to troll... troll skirted or unskirted ballyhoo, Bubble jet lures, anything resembling a small flying fish, and blue/white or pink cedar plugs work great too. Calcutta pusher head 6 inch mexican color skirt lures and Alien lures in Pink/white and chartruse/yellow work well. Troll speed 5-8 mph seems to work

The best tip is to keep a lookout while fishing, be it trolling or bottom fishing. Mahi love floating cover. The boat itself can be considered cover and mahi will come to investigate, so it's always a good idea to keep an eye on whats in the water around the boat. Being in blue water helps as visibility is alot better.

Tuna,, might be hard right now, but flying fish lures, cedar plugs, ballyhoo, feathers (i.e. specifically Zuker Feathers.. Pink/white and purple/black... they'll slay some black fin tuna), green machines. Troll speed anywhere from 6-8 mph has produced for me

Wahoo - I try not to make much bubble trails for wahoo, but they'll take feathers as well, yozuri bonita lures in black/red, purple/black, mahi color, orange/black and in a blue mackeral color as well. Diving plugs like Mann's +40's, 30+'s, Rapala stick lures, wahoo wackers, green machines, cedar plugs, and purple/black IIlander lures... etc..
Wahoo like baits a little faster, but have caught them as slow as 7 mph.. usually 10-15 mph for wahoo's

Coordinates to just give out... might be a no go,, but plenty of reefs and public coordinates here NCDMF Artificial Reefs More reefs and locales to fish than you probably have time.

This is the time of the year where trolling over and around reefs produces well for catches of mahi, kings, amberjacks and the occasional blackfin tuna.

Next month, is a "hot" month as usually everything is open to catch, especially big blue water game as blue/white marlin.

From Morehead City, gulf stream run is about 40 miles
From Masonboro inlet gulf stream is about 65+ miles out
From Southport, gulf stream is about 45-50 miles out
From Manteo, gulf stream is probably the closest as it's about a 25 mile jog out and your in deep water.

I could post some GPS #'s for grouper holes,, but dont think you'd be interested in fishin 10 miles to the west of Bermuda! ;)

Best of luck and enjoy your NC vacation! ;)

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Thanks for the info Dave We will be going ou of either New River inlet or Topsail inlet. Aboard a 24' centerconsole 200 hp outboard not a deep v more of a bay boat. Hopefully we have some good weather for small seas. anyway thanks again any info or gps would be appreciated.

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There is plenty of good fishing out of either inlet that you can reach in your boat when the seas are reasonable.

Here's a few starting points for you.

Out of New Topsail Inlet:
AR 364 Buoy N34 14.833 W77 42.833
AR 364 Barge Stern N34 14.816 W77 42.866
AR 364 Barge Bow N34 14.766 W77 42.900
AR 364 Tug1 N34 14.833 W77 42.800
AR 360 Buoy N34 20.983 W77 36.183
Topsail Beach Reef N34 20.797 W77 37.276
Topsail Ledge N34 17.080 W77 35.320
AR 362 Buoy N34 15.717 W77 30.450
Dallas Rocks N34 14.220 W77 37.950

Out of New River Inlet:
Divers Rock N34 29.420 W77 16.370
Christmas Rock N34 25.227 W77 11.190
AR 355 Buoy N34 21.183 W77 20.000

You can visit the NC Dept. Marine Fisheries web site and get a complete listing of the AR's.

Hope you have a great trip and let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing about th efish you catch!
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