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Looking to get a new kayak seat

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The seat in my 10'4" kayak leaves my butt sore after a couple hr paddle. I was looking at the Yak Gear manta ray seat and the surf to summit tall back seat with back pack. Anyone have experience with these seats or can suggest a seat no more than $125. Looking for comfort specifically.

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If the backrest on your existing seat is fine you might be fine with just a neoprene seat pad.
Can always give the guys at Get Outdoors a call although there may be closer options for you.

Gene Red>x< Asheboro
I use a cheap seat cushion from Walmart. Was considering the Surf to Summit but picked this up temporarily and don't see any reason to spend any more money.
Run a Google search or check Ebay for Gel seat cushion.
I have a skwoosh high back gel seat, it is super comfortable and more durable than some of the cheaper seats I have had. My wife would rather use my pescador with the skwoosh seat than any of my other yaks. If I recall, I think I paid right at $100 for it.
The seat is the most import part of a kayak there are a few on ebay that are no knock offs of the surf to summit 2$200 seat for $80 they are well worth the money . High back . Is important
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i used to throw a fold up boat seat in my redfish 12 and 14 ;) no bolting in or screwing drop in and go
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I'm serious here. Assuming you have decent back support on your existing kayak seat, this is the best kayak seat [cushion] I've ever used -- and have used a lot of them. Doesn't come in camo (as far as I know) and requires you trade in a little of your dignity. But you will sit comfortable for hours in your yak.

Product: Inflatable Ring cushion (appears to be avail only in Fire Engine red)

You can often find in the "orthopedics" section of Walmart Pharmacy.

FWIW // Joel
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I should add this one, too, but I just can't wrap my mind around the retail price ($50): the SealLine Discovery Kayak Seat Cushion.

I received mine as a gift, but it has lasted for *years* without any special care (e.g., I leave it in my fishing vehicle for extended periods). Because it's inflatable, you can modify its firmness & support as desired. Don't know what I'll do when it finally wears out, but I use it all the time now.

Like the inflatable ring above, this is a supplementary type cushion device you'd use with an existing seat that perhaps has inadequate seat padding.

Deus a natibus planis nos liberet / "God deliver us from flat buttocks"

FWIW // joel
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