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Went out to WB yesterday around 1:00 for the incoming tide. I hit a few holes around Lee's Cut before making my way over to the large hole in a creek parallel to it (don't know the name, honestly). It was about 4:00 now and the tide had moved in. That north wind had blown a lot of water out. Mark caught a keeper trout while trolling a mirrolure out to it. I pulled into the grass so I could stand up and fish. I had one nice trout hit a pink and silver DOA paddle tail. My drag was set around 4lbs and he was taking line. I tried to play it safe and let him tire but as I tried to get him into the grass so I could net him I lost him.

I had to leave shortly after and I've not talked to Mark since he stayed. Maybe he caught a few more. The Christmas flotilla was really good and there were some pretty creative boats. Anyone want to decorate kayaks next year?
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