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I spent all yesterday learning new areas. Visited Manteo and paddled the kayak around the 64 bridge. Drifted a DOA Shrimp with one bite and nothing for Powerbait minnow. Decided it would hurt to relocate to Oregon Inlet (also new for me.). Put in for a short paddle and got lucky with tide rising. I noticed bait fish moving around the flats. I made a change to a Darting Shad (3") that looked more like the bait fish being chased. I had two great hits with the drag setting not correct and lost the fish. The third time was the great, pole was doubled and line was going. I realized at that time I was using my light line (6lbs) and pole. I let the fish do the work and was rewarded with my first NC Redfish (Puppy Drum). It measured 22" and ended up tasting wonderful off the grill last night.

It's been over a month now that I moved to the area. I have caught fresh and saltwater fish. I'm far from an expert, but I think this is the first time being in an area with so many different fish and great fishing location.

Remember if your not out there you can't get lucky,



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