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Well, I needed a good solid lunch break today with a very specific menu. I had no idea what kind of shape the joint was in given all the storms that had been moving through the area. So I drove to my faveorite spot and placed my order.

Not exactly what I had hoped for but a 6" smallie was better than no smallie!

Water Vertebrate Fin Underwater Fluid

So I did what anyone would do, I ordered again! This time a citation Roanoke was delivered!

Water Fluid Fish Ray-finned fish Terrestrial plant

And another!

Vertebrate Water Fish Fisherman Recreational fishing

And a few more citation Roanokes!

Water Fluid Fish Fisherman Ray-finned fish
Water Fluid Fish Ray-finned fish Marine biology
Water Vertebrate Fluid Organism Underwater

All said and done I stopped taking pictures of citation Roanoke Bass but the count landed at 13 citation 'Nokes by the end of the day.

THEN this happend...

Sky Tree Fish Recreation Reptile


Botany Leaf Sky Sunlight Tree


Water Fish Fin Tail Plant

Those three smallies all came out of the same pool back to back to back and each one was a new personal best. The last one was a citation.

It was one of the most epic 1 hour fishing outings I have ever had. Water was stained dark and still frigid, speed craw in green pumpkin magic and white rooster tail did the work today!

Well those pictures didnt attach correctly so check them out in my gallery if you want to see the fish bigger!
1 - 20 of 37 Posts
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