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Well folks, MAD 9 is in the books and thanks to you all and many more, it went as smooth as possible. It was the second largest MAD event in our history.
A few hiccups here and there, but having experienced people really pays off as you can adjust on the fly and make out like nothing ever happened. Once again the volunteers really came through from the food, to dock help, fish cleaning, and family activities absolutely rocked it!

To all boaters who participated, I want to publically thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking these guys and gals fishing, they had a blast!

I had to leave a little early due to my Daughter giving birth to my first Grandson, but got to the hospital just in the nick of time to be there for the birth!

The land based activities went very well, with dozens of families enjoying the boat rides, family fishing trips, Spike the USMC mascot dog, all the music, food, food and more food! Bouce houses and dunk tanks were a hit, and the weather was perfect.

We did have one US Marine get injured on an offshore center console, ending up with three broken ribs due to a fall after slipping on deck when a wave hit. Follow up says he is doing OK, really sore with a few muscle spasms, only request was a picture of the fish!

All boats went away with almost full capacity, all standby's that wanted a boat were successfully placed. My rough total says we had 100 Troop fishing volunteer boats, 6 tour boats, 3 Carrot Island Pony Tour boats, (thanks Sea Tow Crystal Coast for all the lifejackets) two head boats and 505 Troops fishing! The second largest MAD event ever!

Thank you all for making Military Appreciation Day the biggest Take the Troops fishing event EVER!!!
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