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Ohh Nooo you have revealed vital information to the voyeurs. please check meme thread :D

The new roll-up door doesn't quite fit with the rest of the shop, but still a good picture.

Good point. Most of the boats that launch from there back their trailers so the rubber on the tires don't get wet, bounce their boats off the trailer and putter out looking for other people fishing. Their "spot" is 20' away from the closest other boat that has lines in the water. All of their boats have "catchy" names that have the word, "reel" in it. All the tow vehicles have stickers of "Salt Life" "Costa", pairs of sandles and stick figures depicting the man, woman, children and pets.
Actually I have no idea if any of the above is even close to being accurate but it makes a good image in my mind.

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kind of cool to see your picture somewhere isn't it? haha. me and my buddy went fishing with breadman about a month and a half ago. caught a bunch of flounder. my buddy sent me a picture a week later and we were in Carolina sportsman for a report on the fishing that Allen had sent in. :D
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