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Making Memories

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Every spring I try to take my father to a pier to fish. He is not a fisherman, but he enjoys it. We didn’t make it down last year because he had a bad heart attack. While he was recovering, I kept telling him that he had to get better so we could go fishing. This year my son has expressed interest in fishing and since I promised to take him to the beach, he came with us.

We were only down for 2 nights so we had one day to fish. Wednesday morning my son caught his first salt water fish. He was thrilled and told everyone about his pin fish.
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We weren’t having much luck so we went back later in the day. My son caught more and was having a great time. My father hadn’t caught anything yet. While I am rebaiting my son’s hook, I hear my name being called. I look up and my father looks excited. I look down and see that he had hooked a black drum. I help him get the fish over the rail and he is thrilled to pose for pictures with his fish. It is probably the biggest fish he has ever caught, especially off a pier.
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We all wondered what happened to its tail.

We kept fishing and when my son would start to get bored I would put fresh shrimp on his hook. When his little zebco 202 rod bounced, I would hook the fish and give the rod to him. This kept his interest until a baby shark was on his line. I let him pet it then I threw it back. He was super excited about the shark. It eventually started raining and we packed our stuff up. Right as we were getting ready to reel in for the last time, I brought in another “deadly” shark and he caught a croaker. It was a species he had never seen before. We left with him wanting to keep fishing.

After the trip when my folks were leaving my house on their way home to Virginia, my father tells me that he wants a print out of his picture with the fish. I am so happy that he had a good trip and is proud of his catch.

Today I took my son to his mother. I gave him a hug and told him that I would see him in a few days since he is going back to the beach with her after I left. As I started to get into my truck to leave, I over heard him say, “Mom, I want to go fishing!” I smiled the biggest/proudest smile ever.

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This is a wonderful story, thanks for sharing and reminding us how important it is to spend time with those we love. It may mean more to them than we realize.
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that's good stuff!!!
That's awesome!
:)Wonderful story man! Spending time with family is what's it's all about!
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