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A few tips for drop shotting:

Hook your plastics to swim true. Reeling in with a bait twisting up your line will exhaust your patience quickly.

Use light line, no more than 8# test in dinghy water, 6# in most conditions.

Use a large split shot instead of a super duper high tech tungsten iridium coated weight that has been soaked in holy water at the Vatican for 24 hours.

Leave the tag end below the hook around 20". Tie an over hand knot in the end, to keep the split shot from sliding off the line in case the sinker snags. This will keep the shot from sliding off the line easily if it gets snagged, but allow it to make adjustments how far the sinker is below the hook by sliding it where you want it to be. The line hanging below the split shot makes no difference to the fish where I fish, but I only fish for the dumb ones.

Start with sinker around 15" from the bait. Some days closer is better, some days more distance is better. You have to test.
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