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Marine getting out soon, looking for work in nc

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Hello fellow anglers,
My name is Andrew. I am a United States Marine and will be getting out sometime in the next 4 months. I will be moving to morehead city NC and am looking to work in the industry. I have a wife and a two year old daughter so I need to find a good job that pays. I'm not looking for a hand out, I want to work hard for anyone that hires me and learn the fishing trade from a professional. I'd love to work on a boat as a mate, or even in a tackle shop. So if there is anyone in the costal Carolina area that needs help or has any ideas or pointers I'm all ears. Look forward to hearing from some of you. Tight lines and fair seas.
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Welcome aboard Andrew and thank you for your service. Glad you've joined us! :cool:
I know there's no job "showing" on this site but I would send them a resume and let them know your status and intent. Couldn't hurt.
Even consider working on a headboat in the beginning as what you need is time on the water for now. Maybe even go to school and get your license to Captain as you work other jobs to make ends meet. And thank you for your service!!
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