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MOREHEAD CITY – Fishermen from Carteret and Pamlico counties have been charged with illegally harvesting fish and shellfish.

On December 7, the North Carolina Marine Patrol charged Rodney Salter, 34, Ron Sparks, 35, and Bobby Martin, Jr., 47, of Carteret County with illegally harvesting striped bass near Drum Inlet. Fifteen striped bass were seized totaling 431 pounds. In addition, the Marine Patrol seized 400 yards of nine-inch gill net. Warrant Officer Mark Daniels and Officer Mitch Stone both worked this case.

On December 9, Todd Gordon Popperwill, 35 and Steve Ross 22, of Pamlico County were charged with taking oysters at night, taking oysters from a closed area, possessing undersized oysters, no running lights and no shellfish license. The oysters were returned to the water and a boat and dredge were seized. Sgt. Tim Mitchell, Warrant Officer Mark Daniels and Officers Brian Spain, Burwell Syers, Bob Lyon, and Erik Smith were all involved in this case.

The public is encouraged to call and report fisheries violations to the Marine Patrol at 800-682-2632.
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