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In the summer time if fishing is slow, you can drop one and go about 50 yards away and watch the pontoon boats drive up to it and look at it or other fishermen run it over and hit the waypoint button on nothing.:D
Too funny!

I use a couple of them. Got the hint from the sonar instructional DVD's I wasted money on; when I run over something I want to mark, I drop one by the boat, keep moving the same direction and drop another. Then I have a line to follow to get lined up on the structure. Works better than a single buoy, where you then have to try recall what angle to cast from the marker. If you're casting 30 feet, even a few degrees off and you won't hit your mark. The straight line of two buoys keeps that from happening.

I don't use them that often, but when I need them, they are invaluable.
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