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McGregor Downs Lake in Cary

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Hey everyone,

I was looking on google maps around the area like I do to find new places to fish and I found out about McGregor Downs Lake off of Highway 64. I'm not sure how I hadn't heard of it before considering it's apparently a pretty big spot and it's close to my house, but when I looked on the streetview and at the map I couldn't see a good place to park really.

Could anybody advise me on parking, good locations to bank fish, and possibly some bait selections that work well there? I think I'll check it out this weekend if I can.

Also, does anyone know anything about a smaller body of water off Davis Drive called Hatch's Pond? I happened upon it on the map and it looks promising but I wanted to see if any of you guys know anything about it before I venture over.

Thanks for the help!
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That's a country club. I don't imagine it would take long to get rudely run off.
That's a country club. I don't imagine it would take long to get rudely run off.
yep, its right around the corner from me and you had better be a quest of one of the members or you are trespassing.
Alright, I figured as much but I wanted to hear if anyone had any experience fishing there in the past. Definitely worth asking about
Brother and I used to fish Mcgregor back in the late 90s. We always fished the side around the spillway, never really ventured far from there. At that time there were no signs or anything and we never had issues with homeowners
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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