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McGuire Hot Hole, Hours and Information as of January 05, 2016

McGuire Hot Hole Hours: Monday through Friday 7:00 am till 5:00 pm. Saturday and Sunday 11:30 till 5:00 pm. No exceptions! Does not matter if the entrance gate is open, fishing is only allowed during these times, and you must leave the fishing area by 5pm. The area may be closed should there be any special events on the site, but very few of these stop the fishing.

Fishing allowed from the bank and from the discharge side of the parking area only. Fishing is only allowed from the fenced in area up near the discharges back to the bridge. Do not go past the marked off areas. This is a controlled site for the nuclear plant, so do not go out of the boundaries provided for your fishing enjoyment.

There are plenty of paved parking spaces and you must park in designated areas only. Handicap access available with paved walkway to a pier also. Portable potties for restroom and cleaned each week. Several life bouys are available should someone fall in the water.

This area is very busy from around February through May with the stripers running up into the swift water. Absolutely not a place to go into the water.. very dangerous. Grassy/graveled area with large stones to fish from. Trash cans onsite for trash only. No running water (except canal) and fish cannot be cleaned onsite, but cutting bait is allowed. Children are welcome but you must keep an eye on them due to the swift current of the water. Pets must be kept on a leash. Fishing is allowed by Duke Energy as a public access area. Hours are strictly enforced and the area is monitored by security. Any type of rule violations may result in you being banned from the area. This is a pretty nice area and rules are in place to ensure you have a safe outing. I have fished it for over 30 years, and have caught all kinds of the normal lake fish in Norman. Met a lot of wonderful folks there. Wildlife Officers from the NCWRC patrol the area often and check for fishing violations such as size, creel limits, and license. YOU MUST have a valid and current North Carolina fishing license to throw any fishing device into the water. Walking or fishing from the lake norman side of the parking area is not allowed.

I signed up to this site just to give you some information about this Hot Hole, and hope it helps you to have a better fishing experience. The Energy Explorium is now open by appointment only.
Should anything at the plant warrant you being notified, security or site personnel will notify you of such. (never had to so far). For more information call the Energy Explorium.

I use regular fishing tackle, and any kind of legal bait. I just a sinker of your choice but a 3 or 4 oz is probably what you will need from the curve to the discharge. AND YES.. you probably will lose a few due to the boulders under the water. I sure have. For kids, use a float to keep them from getting hung. Saw some use a 3 point swivel with a smaller test line to the sinker so if you get a fish on and you get hung, you only lose the sinker. All kinds of stuff people come up with. So have fun.

I am not promoting anything, just giving information. Hope to see you there sometime.
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