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Mercury 2.5

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Got a 1995 mercury 2.5 that has never gave me a problem. Guess I have been lucky but it ran out last night.

Engine ran great. then I ran out. I added more and she would not crank. kept smelling gas. I finally had to turn the fuel shut off to off to quit smelling gas. i probably put the tank to half full and when I got back to the ramp the tank was empty. Could the float be stuck??

Tks Mack
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A stuck float usually floods out the motor.

A float with a hole will fill slowly with fuel and will run till the float hangs open. Then the full flow of gas will flood the motor.

Was it running any different other than running out of fuel?

Running out of gas can also cause crap to be sucked up out of the tank. I am guessing this has a built in tank? Is there a fuel filter? If not there could be some particles that got in the system.

Were you able to tell where the gas smell was coming from?

Thinking about it. Is there a fuel pump or is it gravity fed with the tank higher than the carb?

If gravity fed and you had to turn off the gas to stop the smell. My guess would be stuck float.

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Motor was running great when it ran out. I assume (it was dark and I was catfishing) that it was coming out of the exhaust port, but I know NOTHING about small engine repair. I just may have to learn as my small outboard guy has retired and the new one I found had Jeffs motor for months and I finally went and picked it up w/o it getting fixed. I will try sometime this week to try and get it started again and maybe take it off. also, i did just google this motor and I can get a different carb for this motor which turns it into a 3.3 which is an option.

Mike I assume it is gravity fed but am not sure.
Or maybe someone you neglected to take with you poured sugar in the tank.
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but I know NOTHING about small engine repair.


But you never fail to tell why my Stihl chainsaw, weedeater, leafblower never run when needed. Now I know why. Next time I'll just ask to speak with your wife.....she does all the yard work anyway.
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I can CRANK any stihl you got but tear it down?
Not after I've first flooded all of them
Not after I've first flooded all of them
I can crank any of them after you have flooded them.
Mike here is my motor running before it shut down
I am pretty sure you've sucked some junk into the carb and stuck the float. Not a hard job to fix just take the carb off, pop off the bottom, remove the float and needle from the seat and blow it out good with a can of carb cleaner. I doubt it would need any more than that.
I think this is yours don't worry about taking every little part off, it's not necessary in your case. THRU 0P400999/Carburetor/parts.html
Mac, we are both in Cary, I do not mind taking a look at it. You have my email.

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