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Took the wife to MHC area yesterday, Water temp was in the low 60's. Bait was stacked up in Beaufort inlet early in the morning on the outgoing tide with birds diving on them heavily. Didn't see any fish (except the menhaden) break the surface so tried some jigs for trout - no hits. Several boats in the area but water was too messy for my liking so only made a couple of runs around them. Moved over near the turn basin and picked up three nice grays and the usual pinfish, croaker, and undersized BSBass. Toured the area in and around the Beauford draw bridge mid-morning and found one boat anchored with his report that he "was the only boat left" and had caught 3 spot for the morning. Fished several other areas (for trout) around the high rise, the draw bridge, and the west end of Taylor's Creek on the incoming tide with little to show 'cept one lizard fish. Anchored up near the draw bridge and tried for spot - incoming tide - left after two hours with no spots in the cooler - and only had an occassional pinfish hit the bait. Near the boat ramp, a fellow coming in said he did OK with the specs but didn't say where - I could tell he was a serious trout fisherman by his boat set-up and the quantity & quality of rods and their popping float rigs. Suspect he was fishing somewhere up North River.

Wonder how the inshore bite was up at the Cape? Usually when the grays come in, they get pretty heavy in that area.



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