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I have a 8' Minn Kota Talon that was on the boat when I got it. I just don't use it enough and am wanting to purchase a Touch 9 or 12 to go on the bow of the boat. The only issue with it is I had a Minn Kota Quick Connect on the cable so I could take the Talon off when I pulled tubes at the lake. Evidently the quick connect got water in it and corroded so I took it off the cable. Basically you will need to either replace the quick connect or splice the power wire back together. I also have the jackplate bracket included. Mine was mounted on the starboard side but I "think" it will work on either side. I am also including 2 pushbutton remotes.

I enjoyed the talon when I used it but I fish deeper water and if I am beating the banks I am moving pretty quickly so again I just need a new depthfinder more than I need a Talon right now. I am not open to any trades unless you have a Lowrance HDS Touch 9 or 12.

Thanks for looking,


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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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