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Started the day early Friday morning to a beautiful sunrise. While I was getting things situated the wife started slinging a Top Dog and within 60 seconds landed her first trout of the year. Trout measured right at 18". I was tossing a Skitter Walk and had a few short strikes but nothing hooked.

Time for change.

While still early I switched over to a popping cork/DOA shrimp right next to the grass, first fish landed was an undersized flounder. Roughly 20 minutes later while still tossing a popping cork, Fish On!! This fish was sizeable, it managed to spool me all the way down to the mono filler I had on the reel. I fish with 20# braid and was confident that I would land this fish. All was going well until....... she decided to do a U-turn and head back to the boat, I couldn't keep up. End result, fish lost :( Can't speak of what I didn't see, but this fish had some mass, rod tip-rod butt during the fight. Oh well.

Things slowed down during low tide and I decided to switch to a bucktail/swimming mullet. Pin fish were having a field day eating the tails. The bucktails did produce drum which did surprise me. I ended up catching lower slot drum in roughly 18" of water.

The day ended up with wife catching a couple nice trout on a Top Dog, one undersized flatty, one fish that spooled me and three lower slot drum. All in all not too bad of a day.

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