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Monday in the mountains

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Had a beautiful day on Monday, in the high country of Ashe and Grayson counties....shirtsleeve fishing weather. Managed about 2-3 hours on one of Ashe counties DH streams....along with a bunch of other folks who were enjoying the holiday chasing a few trout. Water level was down some...but okay; quite clear and chilly with some ice still along the banks; and some cold but moderately cooperative trout. Managed a few on streamers and on small nymphs...but had to be persistent and probe the bottom with numerous drifts. Did talk with a couple of guys who managed a few fish on nymphs in some slack water...but also saw several nice-sized fish. The older angler had left his magnifying spectacles at home so had to resort to larger flies that he could see to tie on and only managed one. His partner, on the other hand, was able to tie and re-tie quickly and managed a few more fish on small nymphs.
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One of the tougher times I've tried to fish was when that creek was super low and clear. It definitely adds a new spin on the fishing. My trip Sunday was similar in the probing the bottom aspect. Just had to be patient and let the fish take the fly before moving on. Good report, thanks.

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The water in that Ash County stream was 34 degrees yesterday morning! I caught a couple trout in the first 2 hours, but only managed to hook one more between noon & dark. My partner ended the day with 5.

There were lots of fisherman, and the banks were covered with tracks from the last couple days.

It was a beautiful day, and well worth the trip up.
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34 degrees yesterday
Those fish were only 2 degrees away from being were my toes from standing still too long.
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