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Hit the flats about 1:00 this afternoon with my good friend Rob aboard looking for some more of those winter redfish. We pounded the waters for hours, not knowing if the cold front that came through would shut them down or not. To top it all off, an on shore flow had the water really stacked up on the flats and it seemed to take forever to fall. Finally, with one hour of daylight left, the bite started.

I hooked up first with an underslot fish that got the skunk out of the boat. Then I struck again and this time it was a nice 6lb red. While I was fighting my fish, Rob hooked up with a 4lb red. Tried to get a picture of the double header, but the batteries decided to give out in the camera, so we released both fish. I found some more batteries, rebaited, and went back to fishing. Didn't take long and Rob was hooked up again with another 6lb redfish. This time, we got the picture.

Just as we were about to pack it in and head for the hill, I landed one more fish at the bottom of the slot. Ended up with 5 reds this afternoon, all released to be caught another day. Patience paid off once again.

The bite remains good so lets go catch some fish!!!
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