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motor running but cuts off

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started thread earlier thanks for the help. yes dirty jets gummed with fuel.didnt want to take carb down so i started reading.. yes Mercury Quickleen flushed the in tire gas line ect.. let soak for a while 1hr.started motor. ran poorly for a while. 5mins gave it more gas spit a little and then away it went. Boy is there a lot of onto on gas E10
and deposits .. always use the best gas and fresh.. don't let ti sit. Thanks saved me $..
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Great post. The gas we are buying these days is really crap!
watch your filter closely, you have varnish in the tank and whole system I would bet and that flush is going to cut it loose so be prepared to change your filter after you use it a bit.
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Thanks. I went by the book Started with the tank, cleaned all parts even the caps, flushed the hose with new gas. wiped all fittings and gas lines to the carb plus the float. Hope that will take care of the problem. I will be using good gas and using additive . Always will use fresh gas never older than a couple of weeks. Keep it clean and you can go fishing.
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