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My son has decided to sell this motorguide foot control trolling motor. Believe it or not, he bought this himself and wanted to put this on his wavewalk kayak, but I was able to explain it's not the right kind of motor for the wavewalk.

It's 55lb thrust. I believe that it is both 12v/24v, although we only tested it on 12v (only set up we have).

I think the white color indicates salt water ready, although I'm not 100% sure.

It works, all the speeds and reverse.

Gator mount for the bow of your boat. Foot control.

It's got some paint chips... But the prop is in good shape, and it even comes with a spare prop, and a full set of new mounting bolts/isolation spacers.

Would conisder trading for a 2-3hp gas outboard in good working condition.


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