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A friend of mine called me Friday and asked if I wanted to go fishing Saturday and of course, I said yes...a no-brainer there!

Anyway, we talked about hitting Norman or trying something new with Mountain Island Lake. I've never been on MIL so we chose that one.

After putting in, we tried a few points near the ramp and the only thing I really noticed was how clear that water is. I could see the bottom in 8 feet of water and it reminded me of a cross between Norman and Lake James...sort of, anyway. We later moved up the lake and found that the water warmed as we went further up.

For the report part, I had a couple bass on in the back of windy pockets hit my Vertical Lures Tube-X tubes around the docks. I didn't get them in the boat...a direct result of not paying attention while talking with my friend! It was pretty important that the docks had brush around them and even in that clear water, the fish were hitting in 1 1/2 to 5 feet of water. I changed to a jerk bait, something that needs much less attention than flipping tubes, and caught a 4 to 5 pound catfish in 2 feet of water.

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It was also on a dock with brush.

I switched to a super fluke and caught a couple small spots...ok, a couple REALLY SMALL spots! :p

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These were the only fish landed for the day, but we had a great time even though we didn't catch too many fish...but I did learn a little about a lake that is much closer to me now.

The water was 48 degrees around the bridge but warmed up to 53 degrees up the lake. It was clear and the wind was slightly breezy, but enough to make a difference. the lures of choice were a green pumpkin Tube-X tube, a Mega-Bass One-Ten jerk bait and an Albino Super Fluke.

Maybe next time, I will try to concentrate more on the tubes and spend less time talking...well, I did say TRY! :rolleyes:

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Nice report, thanks for the info. Glad you got to stretch a couple lines at least.
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