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We headed out to the mouth of the neuse to do a little exploring. This is not our normal stomping grounds so it was a lot of fun for me. I love looking for new spots and it only gets better when you land some quality fish. The main tip that I can give you off our trip which is in the video is stay off the bank. We have always found that quality fish are caught more often if you can make a long cast and barely make the bank. With trout fishing you really don't even need to hit the bank, but not the case with drum. I have been many times where if you didn't hit right at the grass you could fish all day and not catch a thing. Know your targeted species and pace yourself accordingly. I can tell you we have made a change in equipment and it has made a HUGE difference in the ability to cast. The video is below and if you have any questions please let me know. One other side note is that my boy Bryan put it on us after talking his self into slowing down the bait. In one week he went from zero to hero.

Hope you guys enjoy,
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