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Moving here soon

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Hey All I am currently living in Silver Springs Fl, but plan to move to NC soon( as soon as I sell my house) and look forward to meeting some of you and maybe fishing with you also. I prefer offshore but am limited to conditions and range. I fish out of a 22' Chris Craft with a 120 mile range, and like seas less than 4. I fish out of the gulf in Florida for grouper mainly. I know I will have to learn the NC coast but that is the fun of fishing!!! Blue Skies Dave Verner
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hey whats up daveverner. welcome to the site. well were ever you are plan on moving you can probably find out what ever information you need to know. i do live on the coast but only fish a little off shore but only right of the beach. boat doesnt handle that far out. but the fishing inshore is wonderful in the summer. especially up norht around nags head if you like catch some specks and drum.
Welcome aboard Dave. Best wishes on the sale of the house and the move. Do you know what part of NC you're probably moving to yet?

Welcome, Let us know what area's you will running out of.
Again glad to have you.
Good luck on the move, Keep us posted. Help is waiting.
Welcome aboard and good luck with your house sale and move.
Welcome to NCangler. Looking forward to your past as a Tarheel.
Thanks for the welcome guys, my son and I are going to try and hit it out of southport tomorrow, wish me luck for we know nothing!!!! Blue Skies Dave Verner
Welcome Dave!
Hello Dave, welcome to NCAngler. There are sites that provide nautical charts for the entire coast by sections. I will see if I remember where they are and provide the address for you. That is less expensive than the maps in stores. Glad you are board and you can't go wrong taking your son fishing with you.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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