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multible hooks

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I would like to post this question for some input. I was recently in the mountains fishing for trout,I saw these two guys fishing with spinning equipment, but on the end of their lines was what looked like a practice plug , above that were six or seven loops with small nymphs attached. My question is.Is this legal? If it is legal,to me it certainly is not ethical.
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float and fly used mostly for small mouth bass but will work for trout..
if it is ethical that is the opinion of the user..

you can fish a single dropper, for example a elk hair caddis as your attractor or indicator, and you can loop about 12-18 inches on the bend of the hook and "drop" a nymph, streamer or some other sub-surface fly. it's not un-ethical, you are still using a single hook, definately less damaging that using a treble hook. ( in hatchery supprted waters) the dropper fly is legal in native and delayed harvest waters. I have caught fish on both flies at once in the tuckaseegee, but that's not sayng much. I have had them come up and bust a strike indicator, and I have had them tear the bismuth shot off my leader. remember, they have a brain the size of a pea.
What isn't ethical is when those pea brained trout outdo us cantalope heads.! Now that's unethical! :<) AL
That wasn't a sabiki rig, was it? I just bought one at Dick's, it has tiny little decorations of some sort on the tiny little hooks... Planning to try snagging some bait next time I'm at the coast... (Do they catch freshwater bait too?)
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