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My day at Cape Fear Lock#3

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I was there today with 1 little pole, 8lb line and tiny hook trying to catch bait fish and 3 big poles trying to catch giant cat.

Caught nothing on the big pole, but something took the bait on my tiny bait pole and just ran, I didn't know what it was, but it was something really big to a point that my pole couldn't handle. All the lines, about 150 yard were gone in 20 second, when I almost ran out of line, I tie up reel and it broke.

I was using nightcrawler and a tiny hook, the way it pulls felt like a carp, but I am not sure if carps will eat worms, it was probably a big cat. When I first caught it, it felt like I got stuck on a tree at first, then 2 second later it just took off.

Not sure what it was or how big it was, but from my feeling, even if I hook it on the big pole w/ 20lb line, It would probably still be a big fight, definitely something big.

I had fun, definitely going back in a few weeks. :D
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I'm glad that you found your way down and that you had a good time. Looks like you'll have to rig at least one big rod with nigthcrawlers on your next trip.
Good luck on your next trip, maybe you can get that fish on the big pole next time!
A friend's grandson caught a 19lb flathead next to the bank on a nightcrawler last week. He was pretty well beat when he got that one in and he's a 12 yr old hard working country boy. A proud one at that .:)
The weird thing about that place is that I was not able to catch any bait fish. I might have to bring bait fish from other lakes next time or buy some eel/nightcrawlers.
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