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My favorite kinda fishing Topwater - Harris

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Just wanted to share a short report. Went out on Harris today, put in at the bridge at 0730 and there was fog everywhere, which I thought was a good deal since the fish would be closer to the surface. As I got close to the weedline, I see bass busting on top. Pulled out my favorite lure - a chug bug (babybass) and hooked up on the first cast. The bass were crushing it, I mean with hate and discontent! I ended up with 9 bass total fishing for 4 hours, the bite got a little tough around 0930 because the wind picked up. Caught 5 by chug bug, 3 by TR weedless green pumpkin Zoom 6" lizard and 1 by storm swimbait 3" in pearl. Not huge fish but ranged from 1 to 3 lbs.

One last note, I lost a big fish in the weeds. I saw a boil against the weedline and cast my lizard at it, I gave it 2 jigs and tap something hit it. I set the hook and the fish took off to the left and I could barely turn his head, I could feel his head shake but I couldn't turn him. He ran right into the weeds and my hook came out. I learned my lesson from last time out, I spooled up some 20# power pro and got good hook sets but never broke the line. Oh well I'll catch him next time out.


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looked like a great day! I love fishing in the weeds and lilly pads.....sloppier the better. I wish I had some lilly pads where i fish.
Gotta love topwater fishing!! Those lilly pads look good for a frog :D
Nice! I was out there Friday on the kayak and Saturday on a boat, mainly fly fishing. Did bad Friday but Saturday was better. Had one nice bass on a small sponge spider and fought for a minute then she spit it out. Lots of bream on the fly rod though.
nice going!
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Looks like a great day. I love fishing topwater and usually it is right against heavy pad cover. Those big fish didn't get big by being stupid and they know how to get away. It seems like if there is one pad stem for them to wrap around they will try and get you around it. Hopefully you will win the battle with that big one next time.
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