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Well I finally bit the bullet and ordered a custom made rod. It is built by Carolina Custom rods in New Bern NC by Brett Hinson. We had several discussions both deciding what rod was best for me, and how it would be made, the materials used and the design I wanted.
I chose a 7.2 ft Batson rod blank, M fast action, Microwave guides, Carbon fiber split grips and as a tribute to my fishing hero Franc White, a Zebra pattern trimmed in Red X Angler red.

I decided to match the neat styling and red trim with a new Okuma RTX-30s reel which is a full graphite frame and covers, aluminum spool and is super light 6.6 oz but has 13lbs of drag with factory oiled felt washers (graphite washers are ordered) .
I am a Shimano man but I liked the look of this reel and have been pretty happy in the past with my other Okumas so decided for the price range I would try it. I couldn't wait for the new Penn Battle2 to come out but may grab one of those also when they do release in Sept.
I picked the finished rod up today at Brett's and am very pleased so far. He spent a few hours showing me designs and rods he has built or is working on and teaching me differences in designs and sharing his past experiences good and bad. Seems like a straight up kinda guy!. Brett is trying to make a full time business of this so don't hesitate to give him a shout. He has a FB page as well as a website. The unique reel seat feels good in my hand and I feel like I have more control with it. A day of tossing jigs and cranks will tell the true tale. Carolina Custom Rods New Bern NC
Here is my crude attempt to display the new combo. Can't wait to get it wet! Bicycle lighting Gas Automotive lighting Valve Auto part
Automotive lighting Automotive tire Headlamp Audio equipment Vehicle
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I love the zebra pattern on that blank ........ still have the sound of the garage door opening and the sportsman's theme song firmly committed to memory. I often whistle that tune to myself while starting a day of fishing. I ALWAYS have a jar of capers in the fridge!
GO DROP! Hope the rig serves you well ....... it's dang sure purty!
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