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Anyone who has read my fishing reports very long will know I have a tenancy to get stuck on a specific fish, not a specific species but a single, individual fish that I either saw or lost and knew I had to catch again. Examples include two years ago the bowfin I saw in a very small creek swimming in the shallows. I named her Bertha.. Three months later: Glove Fish Fisherman Outdoor recreation Fishing

The next was the Swamp Pig, a huge bass for the creek I was fishing in: Plant Fish Fisherman Fishing Ray-finned fish

Last year it was Vladamir, who I ended up catching on a rapala: Plant Reptile Tree Fish T-shirt

Well, as of two days ago, I have a new nemesis. Fishing in a local creek with Basswrangler for gar, I hooked up with a 40" range monster. Fought it up to the bank before it turned and wrapped up in my 10# braid and cut it off. The fish swam off with 12" of my 50# leader and the bobber hanging off the end. After thirty minutes of kicking myself Jacob hollered "Hey Cody I found your bobber!" I turned to see my bobber floating UP the creek. Turns out it was still attached to the gar! we saw it all day in different spots and even saw the monster sunning himself several times. Ended up with this little guy after losing a few more nice ones. Hat Sleeve Plant Cool Eyewear

I forgot about the fish, which we named Bobby, until last night I got a text from Jacob that he and his little brother went fishing and his brother shouted "Hey Jacob! There is a bobber going UP STREAM!"

I'm off to the salt for a few days but when I get back, me and Bobby are going to cross paths again...
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