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my streak is over, kind of

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it's been two years since I have had a muskie follow a fly, but yesterday i decided to take advantage of this great weather we were having and try my favorite hole on the french broad. when me and my son pulled up to the turn-out there was another vehicle parked in it so we sat back and watched a guy chunking a big shad rap. we watched him for about half an hour and decided to move down to another blow down about 100 feet downstream. I think he was laughing as he watched me rig up and start casting. around the tenth cast I had a strike, and gave a few big jerks to dig the big saltwater hook in. The guy who was fishing the hole before me started to walk back and I was thinking of some cool things to say about having patience and how not to crack on the guy with the long rod . it took me about 20 minutes to work him close enough to see him. I can honestly say that fish was the best fight on a flyrod I have ever had, It was a carp that weighed about 10 pounds. My stinger hook had snagged him in the tail. my kid hasn't stopped laughing about it:eek:
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Hey a fish is a fish is a fish.
Not looking for carp but what section do you normally fish? Al
are you asking me sinkerman?
Yes, if you don't mind. I 've never tried it downstream of Etowah. I'd like to do a float trip downstream of there some time in the not to distant future. I have'nt had any luck with them upstream but I know they are there laughing at me. I don't get up that way to much anymore but it is about time to change that. have you got any experience on that section? (especially in the floatability of that stretch... I think it is a little faster than than Etowah upstream.) AL
sinkerman, not a problem. have fished the french broad from start to finish. try the section from the blantrye bridge, it has a public parking area and is easy to find, to the asheville airport. lots of blowdowns and wide enough to get some decent casts. if foot travel is your game try west of asheville around highway 215 . it has a bunch of pulloffs with deep holes, but not as many fish. my favorite is a float from barnard, near marshall, to stackhouse road, which has a take out for rafts and kayaks. lots of rafters and kayaker but hardly any fishermen. hope that helps.
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