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I was up in NY last week visiting family on FIRE ISLAND (its a barrier island on the south side of Long Island).

Unfortunately,we had gale winds for the first 4 days.
My host wasn't due 'til the end of the week so I was on my own.

When the wind settled, I got to the surf (about 55 degrees) which tops out around 65 degrees in the summer.

Using a GULP grey shrimp with a 'bright yellow' shrimp leadhead, I caught a small
'skate'. Then the next day, using the same combination, I caught a 10 inch 'Sea Robin'.

Everybody is waiting for the 'BLUEFISH run'.

Back home now in Wilmington, today we old fogies hit the Masonboro Sound with high expectations. We got some good 'pinfish' bait under the Johnny Mercer bridge and headed for the inlet. 70 plus degree water was a wonderful thing for me.

My partners used shrimp for their bait and caught a lot of Black Sea Bass (only a couple of keepers). I used the 'pinfish and got hit hard. I had a 8 lb test and it was
gone in a second. WHO WAS THAT MONSTER?

I tried again and felt some nibbles. Brought up the 'pin' and it was eaten in half
by 2 bites.............can we say the 'Blues' are here?

It is true (as a retiree)..............WORK IS FOR PEOPLE WHO DON'T FISH.

Gonna try the surf at Carolina Beach tomorrow.

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