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Nags Head this weekend (OBX marathon)

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I'll be fishing Nags Head for the first time while the fiancee runs too far. Is it worth getting an ORV permit and fishing from the truck or should I just plan on fishing on foot with my cart? Thoughts?
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The permit will cost you $50 for a 7 day permit (cant buy them for a day). You cant use it in Nags Head (have to have a town permit) unless you drive down to Oregon Inlet. The fishing around Nags Head has been GOOD lately. Plenty of drum, sea mullet and spot. The trout have started showing up in the surf. If you choose a pier, I suggest Avalon or Jennettes. Avalon has been having awesome drum fishing for over a month now. If you want to fish the surf by foot, take a look around Avalon (there is a slough). There are some nice holes within walking distance of a few public access walkovers (cant remember the names of the roads).

Fresh mullet from TWs if you choose to drum/trout fish with bait. Mirrolure 52M if you wanna go with hard baits. If you wanna catch spots and sea mullets go with the artificial blood worms. Forecast is North winds this weekend should be good fishing! Good luck!
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Thanks for all the info. Sounds good. I was actually referring to the town permit. Not worth it?

We'll definitely head up to Avalon and fish there one day. Good info to have. Thanks!
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