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This year's salmon season has started off in a big way. I arrived on June 4. Worked on my boat for 2 1/2 days getting it ready. Got on the lake about 1:30 on June 6th for my shakedown cruise. I had six lines out the back. Four down two up. Caught my largest brown trout out of the lake, 50 feet down on a green Shasta Kokenut and a green dodger. The fish was 5-6 pounds. I released it. I caught my first salmon of the season a nice 2 1/2 fish and had a second strike while I was setting the line back out but missed that fish. Caught a peanut rainbow on a flatline which I also released. I was on my way back to the boat ramp. I had taken in my flat lines and sat down at the helm to hit one more spot. The rod at 35 feet started to twitch line I had a walleye. I was so excited, salmon and walleye for dinner. I pulled it out of the clip but it was no walleye. It felt like a largemouth until it jumped pulling the dodger with it than ran across the surface about 75 feet from one side of the boat to the other then started to thrash on the surface then down again. When I got it in the net I knew I had a big kokanee. I hurried up to make it to Bryants Bait and Tackle before they closed to get it weighted, 3 pounds 15 ounces. Kathy Bryant called the game warden which I met that evening and then the next day to have it weighed on certified scales and fill out the paperwork. It is the pending new state record. Since then, I have caught four more salmon with three over three pounds. This should be the season of the big fish.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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