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Nasty Craw

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This is my 3.75 inch Nasty Craw. Very versatile bait that can be used on any type of jig, Texas rigged, drop shot, even Carolina rig. Because of the natural buoyancy of the bait the claws always stand up in a defensive position just like a real craw. Enjoy!


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Cool pours those look great

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@NCStateFisher that's a nice fish man! How you liking the bait I sent you?
loving them man... caught 7 on those magic wand senkos they're my favorite so far :cool:
Cool deal man, do you create the mold yourself?
Nasty craw

Looks good, would like to try them..
I would be interested in the senkos or stick baits
@Jerry and Bernardo if you go check out my website you should be able to find what your looking for. I also post a lot of new colors on Nasty Habit Baits Facebook.
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