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Navionics Charting

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Hi All, I am doing the M&G pre-float this weekend and the Navionics charts do not show the Yadkin river much past the dam. I am expecting that I can record and upload the files for my community edits. But I am not sure because it shows up as land. hmmmmmm.

What are your experiences with the upload/manipulate/download/update process?

I have been using it on Harris. I just uploaded a couple of files. It was taking a couple few weeks for stuff to process late last year. Anyone upload lately?

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I was using sonar charts but the last files I uploaded came back that they could not be read by Navionics. I found that with the new 4.0 software Lowrance just released no longer includes depth in the GPX export. I ended up selling my Navionics card and have moved to Insight Genesis.

As far as Sonar Charts go if the lake/river has not been drawn in yet Navionics will draw it in using Google Earth and then add your data to it. At east that is what they advertise. I uploaded 2 lakes that did not exist. They were eventually drawn in but the contour lines were never added so basically I wasted my time. With Insight Genesis my data is drawn in the same day.
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