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New in here.

I live on Potomac Creek/Falmouth, VA and fish the freshwater/saltwater areas of the river. Made a 4 day retirement home investigating trip down to New Bern/Oriental/Morehead/Havelock/Craven County last weekend and selected some landings in Oriental/Dawsons Creek to use for an upcoming September red fish trip on the Neuse after the dove season opener. We did a water trip up the Trent with a friend and the tannic water/cypress is allot like home in SC. We liked it.

If you see my rig stop and introduce yourself. I always like to meet new folks.

Mike Meier
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Welcome to the group. You'll need to be drifting or anchored or I won't be able to catch you to introduce myself, nice looking Ranger.
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Welcome to ncangler and to NC if you decide to settle here.
It's just another bathtub with a motor on it. I don't run it much over 45 most of the time.
Welcome aboard. You'll find lots of friendly folk around here too. (And maybe you can share some of your LEO stories. Like the time you caught that guy...)
Welcome aboard mike
No LEO stories. Past life as of 20 months ago. Not in general publics interest to know the real evil out there from the Fed side. The news media magic show is more entertaining.
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That's better anyway. Already losing enough sleep.
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Welcome ...Sweet Ranger!!!
Welcoem to the site, Glad you have joined us!

Welcome to the site! Glad to see another member join! Good luck on your home search, lots of folks here in the same "boat" so let us know where you land. I'll keep an eye out for that Ranger, beautiful boat!
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Thanks guys!
Do we have any members that have a waterfront home on the Trent, Neuse, or other sound tributary?
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