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NC Baptist Builders

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I'm not sure how many of you have heard of this group but they are part of the NC Baptist Men's disaster relief/recovery Ministry. It is part of the third largest relief agency in the US. They provide all sorts of emergency assistance to folks throughout the US and even overseas.

In the past 2 years alone they have served over 3 million meals to folks affected by hurricanes and other natural disasters, removed trees and debris and helped people find temporary lodging. They also help during the recovery process by helping to rebuild homes.

They do this because Jesus said:

....let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven. Matthew 5:16

Many of you probably heard about the tornado that ripped through Riegelwood this past November -it killed 8 people, injured 20 and left over 100 homeless. This month the NC Baptist Builders are building three brand new homes for families there as well as repairing several others (roofs, siding, etc).

I have worked with this group on other projects far from home but this week have had the privilege of working closer to home on the project at Riegelwood. When we started this past Monday, there was nothing but three new foundations (built several weeks ago). When we left yesterday all three houses had roofs, were dried in and had all the interior framing done, all by volunteers. Amazing what God can do! Next week we will return and begin the electrical, HVAC and plumbing. We plan to have all three house done in two more weeks time (total of three weeks).

Oh yeah - this is all done free of charge to the folks we help!

If you are available, come on down and help out - the more the merrier. Come to Riegelwood Baptist Church on Highway 87 and register, get your hard hat and join us for breakfast. Breakfast and a hot lunch are provided free to all workers. We start building at 8am, breakfast is served from 7 - 8am.


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Thank you for sharing this Mike. I used to work at the Baptist State Convention office in Cary as Director of Communications. We produced many stories about the wonderful of NC Baptist Men. I've known many of the folks heading it up since the mid-1980's. Great folks like Richard Brunson and one of my neighbors has been voluneering with NCBM for many years. You know Baptist Men were serving meals in Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama after Hurricane Katrina before FEMA was setup. The Red Cross partners with them to provide hot meals to disaster victims. It is truly an amazing volunteer organization and worthy of financial as well as volunteer support. For anyone interested you can learn more about the North Carolina Baptist Men's Disaster Relief organization here:

North Carolina Baptist Men

Keep up the good work!
Till He comes...
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