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Hey NC Anglers,
I am looking to fish a few partner bass tournaments in the southern virginia area and northern NC area. I am from Maryland and I am having a difficult time finding partner events. I did see Carolina Bass Challenge in which I plan to fish the 4/4/2015 Jordan Lake event. I also found Fishers of Men and Anglers Choice. My problem is that I can only swing one spring event and one fall event due to other obligations. Seemingly not one of these clubs fish in the fall. So any help you guys could provide for partner fishing tourneys would be great.

I fish about 9 club tourneys in Maryland, a few open tourneys and I go away on a guys fishing trip in the spring and fall, generally to Smith Mountain Lake or Lake Gaston. So fitting in two more away tourneys is somewhat difficult.

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Piedmont Bass Classics has a fall trail that runs usually from about late August- late October or early November. I think for the most part everyone winds down in September under the assumption that everyone goes hunting and to football games so they wont be fishing. Also the guys who fish bigger trails to qualify usually have championship events they may travel to that take their time and money.
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