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Nearshore Rod/Reel Recommendation

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Looking a rod/reel that is good for fishing nearshore reefs and wrecks within 20 miles. This means handling flounder, keeper size BSB, triggers/grunts/etc, and the capability to withstand the pull of a gag if he gets on there. Have two penn fierce combos along with a penn battle and have been fairly satisfied but in need of a few more. Thanks.
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I would be curious about this too. I am looking for a rod that can handle kings/cobia from a yak. Was looking at the ugly stick tiger rods in ML as well as a few shimano and a hurricane redbone. All in that $50-150 range.
budget and does it have to be a spinning reel or will you go conventional?
Within 150 may mean sticking to spinning. Me personally would be after a used Calcutta 200b or 400 and a st croix tide master.
If you like spinning tackle, the new penn battle reels are a great reel for the money and just pick a medium heavy/fast rod from 6'6 to 7' you like.
Good luck.
I've got several penn Battle and fierce 3000-6000 sizes.

I have caught 30lb cobia and 15lb grouper on the 4000 without any problem.

I've trolled and caught kings up to 35lbs with the 5000 and 6000's.

The oldest fierce I have is going on 5 years old been under water for an hour, left in the back yard for 2 weeks in the dirt and it has caught a MANY fish! And that's the 4000 fierce. In fact, most recent fish has been 3- 19-20" grouper that my son caught and 2- 22" flounder that I caught with it. I don't think I've been fishing one time without it in 4-5 years now.

But if you are in the 150.00 range....can't go wrong there.
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phil hit the nail on the head for your price range. Penn Fierce 5k on a tsunami trophy series jigging rod 6' medium heavy 20-50lb class.

if the budget increases grab a penn fathom 12 or 15 (can be had on ebay for around $150) and match it up with a tiger lite rod or a tsunami jigging rod and you have a beast of a combo thats still light enough to play with the flat fish and seabass
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