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Need Cape Fear River Information

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This Spring we finished up a boating goal I had when we completed our last leg of the ICW from Va. to SC. Instead of continuing on
the ICW we are going to start NC River trips. We have picked the Cape Fear first. Any wisdom would help but I was wondering how
far Inland I could expect to go in a skiff. I know water levels vary with rainfall which will change things. We also will be looking ramps
along the route since it looks like getting locked through seems unlikely.
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I believe the lock and dam will keep you from going too far up the cape fear. Don't quote me though I'm not 100% but from the pictures I've seen I don't think it's cross able.
I plan on finding a ramp for each section.
I plan on finding a ramp for each section.
Ah sorry I need to start reading all of posts before I respond!
Not knowing the water, I wouldn't advise going any further up river than the 295 bridge on the north side of Fayetteville.
Looking north from the 295 bridge you'll notice something about the way the water looks. At normal pool it will look like wind ripples. You can see it better from the bridge than ground level.

Anyway, sometime or another 100 years ago or whatever, somebody had the bright idea of diverting the Cape Fear right through down town Fayetteville. Those riffles are the dam that was built to divert the river. She'll go from 5-7 feet deep to 12"...Instantly. I've seen people hit that sucker running 30 MPH AFTER I was wildly waving my arms to warn them off. Passed me and flipped me off. KARMA....Naw, I didn't help them. The current would get em home.

If you study the surrounding terrain you can tell where they started digging the new river channel as well.
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Thanks for the reply. That is the kind of info I am looking for.
I know the section between the confluence of the Deep and Haw rivers, to form the Cape Fear, and Buckhorn dam. Also up the Deep to the first bridge and the Haw all the way up to the Jordan Lake dam. The ramp for that section is off of Hwy 42 at the Chatham/Lee county line.
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Whats the water depth & rocks like in those areas?
It is all pretty deep, I dont hesitate to run on plane there. The only real hazard in that section is at the Old US1 bridge in the Haw, there is a big rock pile right in the middle of the bridge. Pass to the far left side going upstream and stay about 1/2 between the bank and piling. I also always slow down at the bridges incase there are logs hung up on them.
yeah i was wondering if i put in at cypress hole in wallace if i could go all the way to wilmington?
That isn't the Cape Fear river, it's the Northeast Cape Fear. Two different rivers.
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