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Need help finding access to lower white oak river!

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I was wondering if anybody knows of other access to the lower white oak river in Swansboro, since they closed the ramp in the camp ground across for the VFW in Cedar point, which will be closed for 5 months. I kayak fish the the marsh, around jones island and the other island in the lower white oak. I know this is the off season for tourists, but that's my best spot to put in, and have been having crazy luck with reds and flounder in that area! Kinda of disappointed it will be closed, but any help with an access spot would be appreciated!
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You could put in at the wildlife ramp off 24 near Dudleys
You could put in across the road from Dudley's
I thought about both of those places, just wondering g if anyone new of any place on the eastern side of the white oak? But thanks, I'll probably use one of those 2, taking my brother in law out in the yaks to catch some, and he hasn't fished from a yak to much! I'm usually out for about 6 hours plus, don't know if he'll be able to hang that long!
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You could put in at the creek by Coastal Marine and Sports. Just make sure you have a joint inland fishing license
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I think there also a pullover area near Pediford Creek on 58
I appreciate the follow up post! I have life time license, just wanting to catch some fish! Like I said, I've been catching a lot of flounder and reds around the islands on the eastern side of the bridges on the lower white oak. I may just put in at the wildlife ramp in cedar point, and go behind Higgins island, and west channel, I've had good luck there also! But any help is appreciated! I don't hide my spots, I like everybody to catch fish! Thanks!
There is a ramp on Croatan Forest Rd. just north of the area you talking about. Its on Dubling creek. I have not used it but a friend of mine has launched a john boat with a trolling motor and had success in that area. Look at google maps and you can see how to get there off Hwy 58.
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