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Need help

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Hey everyone, just wanted to see if anyone had some recomendations on where to go to fly-fish for Crappie in the Raleigh area and from the shoreline.

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howdy, and welcome aboard

Don't know first-hand any good flyfishing spots -- the pond near my neighborhood, most of the bank seems pretty badly forested for flylines... The dam is clear, but I'm not sure how much back-cast room ya might need... the dam itself might get in the way. I've seen one or two folks standing on points in jordan and harris, but that's probably not a very helpful statement....
d-el found them in the middle of the neuse river last week, a couple hundred yards downstream from the Falls Lake dam - here's the link to his post that includes a picture of the exact rock he was standing on:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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