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Need some advice and help for fishing out of MHC

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New to the forum and taking the wife and kids out this weekend. Will be fishing out of the port area of MHC on a 22 sea hunt bay boat. I need advice on what is the best all around gear to have on the boat to catch fish. I have a few light weight spinning rigs with jig heads gulps, etc. what are the go to lures. Buck tails,stingsilvers, etc. I thought we might be able to head towards the cape and look for birds. My main goal is to hook up with some fish for the kids. We are not picky. I just want to put a good taste in the kids mouths so they will want to start fishing more. Any advice on tackle, rods, reels, and locations is greatly appreciated!!! Thanks
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I was having really good luck with zoom white ice swimming flukes at fort macon jetty tuesday.
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3/4oz white bucktail with a small white shrimp bounced along the port wall, train tracks and any of the bridges will produce some nice flounder. Jig fast and very short, almost like shaking. I know that sounds to particular but it will make or break your day.

1/2 -3/4oz casting jigs will do wonders on the blues and albies. like you said look for the birds. I like the silver but gold works to.

And the good ole double hook bottom rig with shrimp or fish bites will instantly put the kids on some fish around the port. Spots have been pretty thick lately. Sea mullet have been mixed in there as well.

Good luck and post up when you get back.
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